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Our Principal, Peter Schauben, is being honored this year with the Caminar Latino Journey Award. Peter was introduced to Caminar several years ago by his son Dylan. What began more than 25 years ago as a safe haven for spouses fleeing domestic abuse has blossomed into a weekly meeting place where parents can seek shelter, counseling, and support in a safe environment for themselves and their children.
The members of Caminar Latino invite you to invest in healthier families by joining us at Caminar Latino’s 6th Annual Celebration: A Journey Towards Non-Violence that will take place on Friday, November 3 at Twelve Atlantic Station Atlanta, Georgia.
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Peter Schauben and Louise Appelman happily cut the ribbon to celebrate our expansion on the 11th Floor, Suite 1127.


Appelman Schauben Cranks it Up on 11


AmericasMart cornerstone rep organization expands into second showroom in its biggest expansion ever


ATLANTA, GA – With the opening this summer of its new 11th floor AmericasMart showroom space, Appelman  Schauben is embarking on the largest expansion in its 23-year history.

The super rep organization, based here, will continue to operate its flagship 18th floor, 20,000-square-foot space but will now add an additional 5,000 square feet on the 11th floor. Both showrooms are in Building 2 of the market center.

“This represents the biggest single expansion both in size and additional lines we’ve ever had,” said Peter Schauben, who along with his partner Louise Appelman, is the co-principle and co-founder of the company. “And we expect to be able to grow even more between now and the January 2018 market.”

The new space, in suite 1127, will feature several first-time lines for A&S, including Meri Meri, Toss and Time Concept. Moving down from the 18th floor are a number of lines, including Beach Glass, Flint, Stanley and Studio Oh! The company also represents several other lines that maintain their own showrooms on the 11th floor, including Imax, TAG and Harman. Additional lines represented by A&S with showrooms at AmericasMart include HomArt, Eightmood, Skalny and Peking Handicraft.

The dramatic expansion opens up space in the original 18th floor showroom, which began with just 1,200 square feet in 1994 and has expanded eight times to its current size.

New to the showroom on 18 will be: Karma, Wit! And The Margot Elena Companies and Collections: Lollia, Tokyo Milk, Library of Flowers and The Cottage Greenhouse. Also new to 18 is Skeem.

Some two dozen other brands and lines continue to be shown in the space, which anchors the Building 2 line-up in Atlanta. 

Speaking of the moves, Jeff Portman, vice chairman, president and chief operating officer of AmericasMart, said, “With this expansion, Appelman Schauben embraces and gives voice to the convergence of fashion apparel, accessories and gift as a singular experience. It’s a strategic intersecting of trends and a powerful force in contemporary retailing.  Peter and his team have created a product resource that is both new and next.”

Schauben said, “We’re saying with the 18th floor, we’re Still on Top, and now the 11th floor is The Next Best Thing.”






By: Jill Sands

March 22, 2016

Gone are the days of “Dust Collections”. Today it’s Function and Fashion! But the Fashion must serve a Function. 

Eye Glasses have become a Fashion Accessory that serves a very important function . . . the ability to read! Look for lots of colors and patterns. Predominant colors will be blues, aquas, reds, purples, browns and blacks. Geometric designs, animal prints, lace patterns, stripes, plaids, and dots, both subtle and bold will dominate. Different colors and patterns on the frames and temples (side-arms). Complementary colors and patterns on the inside and out. Anything to make them fun to wear!

Until there’s a Find-My-Glasses app you need pairs of glasses for every room and pocket. Enter Function and Fashion . . . necklaces with a ring to hang your glasses so you can always find them! Watch for jewelry finishes of gold, silver, pearls and tortoise shell. 

A woman can never have too many totes! You need a different tote for every function since every function has different needs. You need different totes for travel, shopping, the beach, work, in the car, etc. Look for traditional prints and patterns, Paisley, Moroccan geometrics, and stripes . . . both straight and fun-shaped. All resized and re-colored with lots of blues, aquas, corals, purples, or classic black and white to complement your favorite outfits and car. Fun! Fashionable! Functional! 

Summer’s coming and we can shed our layers . . . like my Lab is shedding his winter coat. Easy-to-wear Sun Dresses are on the horizon. You can find them as loose slip-ons or wrap dresses in dreamy soft flowy fabrics. Many made with organic cotton and/or bamboo fibers. Look for trending classic designs with a modern edge, geometric patterns, color-blocking, and soft flowing floral prints in colorations of pinks to corals; multi-hued blues and aquas; summer fruit tones of peach, melon, apricot; and neutrals.  

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Jill Sands, CMG



Congratulations to our rep Becky Sowder for being awarded the Uno de 50 Sales Rep of the Year!! This is a National Honor and we are so proud of you, Becky!! Great work! 2016



Appelman & Schauben was awarded the Most Branded Shop in Shops for 2015! Spectacular job Appelman & Schauben team! We love Uno de 50!



By: Jill Sands

March 4, 2016


Today’s a new day! Rigid lines… Gone! All styles for Everyone. YES!
YOU are empowered to be YOU!

Follow your heart. Rigid sex lines… Are softening and becoming gender-fluid in both fashion and fashion jewelry. 

Both men and women, especially men, like to know the back-story of an item. They want to know its history, what makes it special. And, they love to share these stories with friends and on social media. Chavez for Charity shares 25% of profits with charities, color-coding each charity. 

Sustainable design is inspired by the timeless character of the classics… Greek, Roman, Egyptian, etc. This simplification of classics gives an item longevity and makes it a game to identify its historical and architectural characteristics. 

Look for subdued colored and multiple metallic hues… Gold, Bronze, copper, and silver. All working integrally together, whether multiple layered pieces of a statement item, often complemented with a layering of colored beaded bracelets. 

Metal-work is ancient. Hints of hand-hammering connect you with a person and personality. Leather-work is an ancient and functional craft. Beads are an ancient form of monetary exchange. 

So, Engage your customers, Share the stores, Smile, and make it Fun and Easy for them to buy.

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Jill Sands

Jill Sands, CMG

                          August 16, 2015 

Karen Mischler, of Appelman Scahuben, is awared Manufacturer Rep of the Year
at the 2015 Retailer Excellence Awards!





We are celebrating 20 Years in the Industry! 

Thank you! We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our amazing Vendors, Sales Force & Design Team for helping make Appelman & Schauben the successful business it is today.

Click Here to read our article in Gift & Dec Magazine celebrating 20 Years in the Industry. 




The prestigious America's Mart Atlanta has presented us with the 

"Best of Floor" Award!

Our special thanks to our talented Design Team, lead by Rei Diaz and Jay 

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